Gutiérrez by energy decree: “It is a positive step”

Vaca Muerta 29 de mayo de 2022
The governor stressed that it will allow the development of Vaca Muerta to be accelerated and considered that "there is a lack of a system that allows companies to access the necessary equipment."
Omar Gutiérrez 4

"There is anxiety and desire to accelerate the development of Vaca Muerta, because internationally, due to geopolitical issues, today Vaca Muerta has a very important opportunity," Governor Omar Gutiérrez said, referring to the National Government's project that aims to make access to foreign exchange for companies in the hydrocarbon sector.

The governor made these statements when leading, this Thursday, a press conference that was held at the Government House and in which he was accompanied by officials from his Cabinet as well as community leaders.

"We are waiting to hear about the decree announced by President Alberto Fernández," he said, considering it "a positive step" that he linked to other necessary issues "to speed up the development of Vaca Muerta, such as transportation infrastructure, the capital, uninterruptible gas export permits and equipment”.

Gutiérrez explained that “if they are simultaneous and progressive, if you start with one and continue with the others, welcome; it is important because one will lead to the other”. He highlighted "the test of the oil pipeline to Chile that will have to be completed by September or October, and that will allow the export of oil at the end of the year or the beginning of next year."

“In order to accelerate the development of investments, we need to have clear and predictable rules of the game, which provide legal and economic certainty and security,” Gutiérrez said, later emphasizing that “what this decree is seeking is to prop up activity, after a historic and very important decision that is the construction of the new gas pipeline to Salliqueló”. In that sense, he said that "companies and investors are already beginning to ask when the other section, the second stage, will be completed."

“Argentina today has very important opportunities to link itself to the world and one is the energy and hydrocarbon production in Vaca Muerta, with which if the restrictions that exist in the capital markets for the hydrocarbon industry are eliminated, we will be able to run faster," he said.

He considered that “to accelerate the development of Vaca Muerta, new equipment is also necessary that is not manufactured here and is not available; there is a lack of a regime that allows companies to access the necessary equipment to accelerate new investment and it is necessary to move forward with transport infrastructure works.” He concluded that the moment is “opportune to begin to leave behind a sterile discussion of the internal market versus the external market”.

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