The government released 26 billion to the Techint Group and work begins on the Vaca Muerta gas pipeline

General 29 de mayo de 2022
The head of Techint managed to get them to accept the delivery of the pipes in Buenos Aires and got rid of the transfer to Neuquén. In the next few days, the civil works will be tendered and construction will start in August.
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The government finally freed Paolo Rocca for almost 40 percent of the tender he won to supply the seamless tubes for the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline, and the head of Techint ordered his factory in Brazil to start shipping them to Buenos Aires.

The disbursement will be 26,800 million, at the official exchange rate about 216 million dollars, around 40% of the total of the tender. Rocca, who has been carrying out intense lobbying on the administration of Alberto Fernández, thus crowned an impeccable week, in which she also got the President to decide to sign the decree that allows the oil companies operating in Vaca Muerta and managed to avoid a prison sentence for a corruption case in the Milan justice system.

Rocca also managed to get the tubes delivered to Buenos Aires, despite the fact that the work remains in Neuquén. It is not a minor issue: there is no logistical capacity in the country to move such a quantity of tubes.

"The specification favors Techint, it says that the pipes must be delivered within a radius of 80 km from the City of Buenos Aires," a source from the sector told LPO. It is about 583 km of seamless pipes, a monopoly of Rocca's company in the region and that only competes with China on a global level.

Rocca crowned an impeccable week with the payment of 216 million dollars, in which she also got the President to decide to sign the decree that allows the oil companies operating in Vaca Muerta to take foreign currency out of the country and managed to avoid a conviction for a Corruption case of the Milan justice.

Now it only remains for the CEO of Techint to complete the documentation so that he can access the dollars, which the Central Bank had stepped on, as revealed exclusively by LPO.

At the beginning of May, the National Government awarded the tender for pipes for the gas pipeline to the SIAT Company of the Techint Group, the only bidder. Rocca's company has a monopoly in the region of this input and globally only competes with China.

On paper, the construction of the gas pipeline was entrusted to Energía Argentina (Enarsa), formerly Ieasa, a state company that was also granted the gas transportation concession.

In that same presidential decree of last February, it was determined that an administration and financial trust, called Fondesgas, would be constituted to carry out the total or partial administration of the works, designating Energía Argentina as the trustor and BICE as trustee. The resources of the trust are constituted with the funds derived from Law 27,605, known as Solidarity Contribution or tax on large fortunes, to which are added other specific funds from the Ministry of Energy.

After more than three months, the contract for the creation of the administration and financial trust of the Argentine Gas Development Fund was finally signed, which will allow the administration of the assets that will be used for the construction of the gas pipeline.

The president of Enarsa, Agustín Geréz, heads the meeting in which the trust was established to build the Vaca Muerta gas pipeline.

The signing took place at the Enarsa headquarters, in a meeting headed by the company's president, Agustín Gérez, who stressed that the work "will have a positive impact on the development of the Argentine Republic."

For his part, the president of BICE, José de Mendiguren, pointed out that "in the face of the global energy crisis, there is no project more strategic than this for the country."

"The bid awarded is in line with the demanding delivery deadlines that we set and that is why we are convinced that the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline is heading towards being an emblematic work from every point of view," added Gerez.

Techint would also participate in the civil works tender, in which the construction company Sacde intends to compete.

Now the next step is the bidding for the civil works that, according to the Secretary of Energy, Darío Martinez, will be held at the beginning of June.

According to him, the companies that confirmed that they will participate in this tender are, once again, Techint and the construction company Sacde.

Industry sources told LPO that the work could be divided into three stages. "The tender for the first stage will be for Rocca, the second for Sacde and perhaps there will be a third where other companies will enter," the sources consulted told LPO.

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