AESA will manufacture polymer plants in Argentina

General 26 de mayo de 2022
Tertiary recovery is consolidated in the industry. One of the main service companies will begin manufacturing in the province of Buenos Aires.

YPF is strengthening its projects with enhanced oil recovery, a technique that requires the injection of polymers to increase production from mature fields. In just twelve months, AESA carried out the engineering and assembly of the facilities located in Chubut and Santa Cruz, in addition to setting up a project in the province of Neuquén, thus giving conventional production a new opportunity.

Aesa manantiales

The results are not only in the production of YPF's oldest blocks, but it is promoting an industrial sector devoted to improved recovery with AESA leading an initiative to start manufacturing the polymer plants that are in demand in the industry with a national seal. local hydrocarbon industry.
AESA has been operating since April 6 the polymer injection plants for tertiary recovery in the Desfiladero Bayo, Desfiladero Bayo Este and Chachahuén concessions between the provinces of Neuquén and Mendoza.

Polymers to produce more

The polymer injection plant is rejuvenating mature fields in the San Jorge Gulf basin and similar results are expected in the Neuquén basin. For example, in the Manantiales Behr field in Chubut, thanks to tertiary recovery, it reached 4,121 m3/d (around 25,900 barrels per day) of crude oil production, the highest level of activity in its history.

The optimization of the operation of these mature wells generates not only an increase in production levels, but also implies a positive economic movement in the entire field, hand in hand with the adaptation and reconditioning of the facilities to the new yields and characteristics. of the product. Added to this is the operation by skilled labor.

Towards national manufacturing

Given that the Argentine market has high potential for the application of this methodology as a form of optimized tertiary recovery, AESA is working on the necessary technological development to manufacture polymer injection plants at its plant located in Canning, in the province of Buenos Aires.

The objective of AESA is to promote the national manufacture of these plants for import substitution and generation of national supply. This will make it possible to offer innovative and sustainable solutions for the development of the industry, both to YPF and to other market operators. Agreements are already being closed for the start of manufacturing plants in Argentina, and AESA will become the only manufacturing company in the country.

"This is one more example of a comprehensive value proposition that includes everything from design and manufacturing to installation and operation, all of this aligned with the permanent search for innovative and sustainable solutions for the development of the industry," AESA said before the consultation. from +e.

"From AESA we accompany YPF in the implementation of the Polymer Injection Plants and in the development of the national industry for said technology, attentive to the existing potential for the remaining oil resources and the energy development of the country", they added.

Since 2019, YPF has been implementing the massive development of tertiary in the San Jorge Gulf, a place where it has gained vast experience to transfer to other provinces such as Neuquén, and the objective is also Mendoza, a district that has very old deposits and resources of heavy crude.

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