Minister Monteiro participated in the inauguration of the ChampionX plant

Vaca Muerta 16 de mayo de 2022
The plant is located on a four-hectare property located in the Añelo industrial park.

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Alejandro Monteiro, participated in Añelo at the inauguration of the ChampionX firm's chemical product manufacturing plant.

The act was headed by the mayor of Añelo, Milton Morales; the vice president of ChampionX Latin America, Leonel Lizarazo; the president of Supply Chain of the Americas, Joe Bludau, the director of Supply Chain Latin America, Arnulfo Cabrera and the manager of new developments, José Adaos.

In his speech, Monteiro celebrated the firm's decision to invest in the province: "For us it is very important that the companies that accompany the growth of the activity do so as close to where things happen, and this time in the city ​​of Añelo, which is so important for the development of the hydrocarbon activity”.


"We are going through a stage of great challenges in the hydrocarbon activity, with very good results and with very good growth prospects, and this investment is a reflection of that," he assured, betting on "continuing to work as a team, since to the extent that these activities generate work and development for the community, as a province we are going to do better”.

The plant is located on a four-hectare property located in the town's industrial park, near Provincial Route No. 17 and the collector that bears the name of Añelo. It was designed and built in compliance with safety and environmental standards.

It is in charge of providing logistics and storage solutions for chemical products, equipment and specialized personnel, from the very center of the Neuquén hydrocarbon basin. In this case, the expansion required an investment of 1.5 million, and includes new administrative offices and a quality laboratory.

The authorities of the firm thanked "the possibility of continuing to invest and grow in the province, under fundamental premises: local presence to supply needs in the shortest possible time, the generation of specialized local labor and care for the environment, favoring the development of the province and the country.

In this line, they anticipated that, in the future, they plan to invest 11 million dollars, contemplating the construction of a second mixing plant of medium complexity, and a new fleet of vehicles for distribution and patching processes.

The event was also attended by representatives of some of the main operators that work in the Neuquén basin, and the Hierarchy and Petroleum Union. After the opening ceremony, a tour of the plant facilities was carried out.

ChampionX arrived in Neuquén more than 28 years ago and since then has maintained a permanent commitment related to being close to its clients, incorporating technological innovation, care for the environment and commitment to the community of each place where it has operating bases with investments and generation of direct and indirect work.


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