The government wants to boost international investment in Vaca Muerta

Enterprises 01 de mayo de 2022
The Minister of Economy said that regulatory changes will be presented to boost the arrival of capital of firms around the world in energy, particularly for the exploitation of gas and oil.
Vaca Muerta 15

The Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, said Wednesday that “in the next few days” a series of “regulatory changes” will be known that allow the investment of international companies in the exploitation of gas and oil at the Muerta Vaca site.

“We are working with private sector companies, and the Central Bank to articulate understandings that give rise to normative changes. We hope to present them in the next few days, ”said Guzmán at the meeting on the energy sector called by the Institute for Business Development of Argentina (idea) that took place in the city of Neuquén.

Guzmán referred to the restrictions in the change market by stating that “to facilitate direct investments (in the energy sector), we must change capital regulations that the previous administration imposed in 2019”, after the lean result recorded in the primary elections of August for the then ruling.

"We must take steps to the normalization of capital regulation," said the minister.

The head of the Palace of Finance said that after the invasion of Russia to Ukraine, "a new geopolitical map" was generated for the production and export of energy, especially liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Source: Télam

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