Chevron drilling activities will begin in Vaca Muerta in August

Vaca Muerta 20 de abril de 2022
The oil company is on track to start its unconventional oil project in the block that operates alone in the formation, El Trapial in the province of Neuquén.

The firm will begin to work with a drilling team and thus will begin the pilot stage that has an estimated of up to 3 years to materialize.

In this way, the borders of Vaca Muerta will continue to be expanded, this time with a development towards the north of the province, a few kilometers from Rincón de los Sauces.

This project will mean the beginning of the reconversion of the development of conventional in mature fields towards unconventional. "Neuquén continues to enjoy excellent credibility, trust and good name," said Governor Omar Gutiérrez, adding: "The operators built operations in other basins, but here they moved forward and continue to trust and invest." The company's pilot project includes the drilling of a total of 20 wells spread over 5 pads of 4 wells each.

It is estimated that this plan will require the first three years of development and then expand it.

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